What Happens When Your Audi is Out of Alignment in Chicago

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Audi is one of the most popular luxury automobile brands worldwide. The brand offers drivers the latest in performance, technology, and interior comforts. However, the comfort and technology your Audi offers may be cut short by poorly aligned wheels.

A poorly-aligned wheel strains the suspension, accelerates tire wear, reduces fuel efficiency, affects handling and impedes braking ability. You must ensure your wheels are correctly aligned to get the best driving performance.

Undoubtedly, wheels go out of alignment after an extended period of use, but some factors could help accelerate it. Keep reading as we discuss the symptoms, causes, and effects of a misaligned wheel.

Symptoms of Wheel Misalignment in Audi

Wheel alignment is a standard maintenance procedure that involves adjusting the angles of wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications. Over time, your wheels begin to go out of alignment, but the good news is that there are easy telltale signs that alert the driver to the change. Discussed below are symptoms of a misaligned wheel:

  • Vehicle drifting or pulling to one side: This is the most apparent symptom of a misaligned wheel. The inaccurate positioning of the wheel causes your vehicle to drift or pull to one side while in motion without any steering input from the driver. Also, your steering wheel is meant to be centered. So, if you have to hold it at an angle to drive straight, it is an indicator of a misaligned wheel.
  • Uneven tire wear: Your tires are supposed to wear down evenly. When your wheels are misaligned, it accelerates your tire tread wear and makes them wear down unevenly. Rotating your tires helps prevent this from occurring.
  • Shaking steering wheel: European vehicles are known for precision engineering, making them drive smoothly. However, misaligned wheels affect your drive experience, and you would notice that the steering wheel is constantly vibrating. Oftentimes, the vibration may intensify as you increase your speed.
  • The steering wheel won’t return to the center: The steering wheel was designed to return to the center after making a turn. If you have to return the steering wheel to the center after turning, you need to see an Audi specialist.

Causes of Audi Wheel Misalignment

Although your vehicle’s wheel naturally goes out of alignment after an extended period of constant driving, there are a few factors that can further accelerate it. These factors can be classified under one subhead: bad driving habits.

  • Speeding through road bumps, potholes, or bad roads: The shock impacts from road bumps, potholes, or bad roads accelerate how fast your Audi’s wheels fall out of alignment.
  • Hitting curbs: Hitting road curbs is another sure way of accelerating your wheel misalignment. Try to carefully navigate curbs and tight spaces to ensure your wheels and suspension stay in good condition.

Impacts of Wheel Misalignment

Driving your vehicle with misaligned wheels may result in an expensive fix or even a road accident. The constant struggle to keep the car moving straight and battling the vibrating steering wheel could cause a road crash.

The longer you drive your Audi with misaligned wheels, the more damage you cause to other components. Driving with a misaligned wheel strains the tires leading to uneven wear. The constant pulling and drifting also stress your suspension, accelerating their wear.

If you ignore all the symptoms of misaligned wheels, you may have more than alignment issues to deal with when your vehicle eventually fails. Whether you may have to replace your tires or suspension depends on how long you allow the problem to linger. While your Audi model largely impacts when you may need to go in for an alignment, Audi recommends getting the wheels realigned between 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

Andre’s Auto Service: Your One-Stop Shop for all Your European Vehicle Needs!

The regular wheel alignment of your Audi will help keep the wheels, tires Audi Wheel Alignmentand suspension in excellent condition. Having your vehicle drift or pull off course while driving puts you and other road users at risk of an accident, so you should bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment.

At Andre’s Auto Service, we understand the importance of wheel alignment and have expert technicians experienced in the maintenance and service of European vehicles. We are experienced in wheel alignment and help Audi drivers restore their vehicle wheels to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

If you reside in Chicago, IL and want to have your wheels aligned, visit us at Andre’s Auto Service today! We have the solution to your Audi’s needs. We look forward to earning your repeat business.

* Audi A3 Car image credit goes to: YuriyVlasenko.

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