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Cooling System Service at Andres Auto Service

Andres Auto Service is located in the heart of Chicago, so it’s safe to say we know a little about the summer heat. We also know that when you own a luxury European vehicle, your car’s cooling system is optimized to keep your engine cool. If your car’s cooling system isn’t working properly, we’re here to help.

Some of the brands we work on include:

Cooling System Services

  • Coolant Flush and Replacement: During a coolant flush, we remove old coolant from the system and flush the lines to help remove any debris before refilling the coolant.
  • Thermostat Check and Replacement: If your thermostat is stuck open or closed, we’ll replace it.
  • Radiator Inspection and Cleaning: Your radiator is located at the front of your engine, so it can take damage in collisions. We’ll inspect your radiator for damage and clean it so it can work the way it’s supposed to.
  • Pressure Test for Leaks: Apply pressure to the system to identify any leaks in the hoses, the radiator, or the water pump.
  • Water Pump Check and Replacement: Inspect the water pump for wear or damage and replace it if needed to ensure proper coolant circulation.
  • Hose Inspection and Replacement: Checking all cooling system hoses for cracks, leaks, or wear and replacing them as necessary.
  • Cooling System Sealant Application: Applying sealant to prevent or repair minor leaks in the cooling system.
  • Cooling Fan and Belt Inspection: Ensuring the cooling fan and belts are in good condition and functioning correctly
  • Temperature Gauge and Sensor Check: Verifying that the temperature gauge and sensors are working correctly for accurate temperature readings.
  • System Flush and Debris Removal: Flushing the system to remove debris and build-up that can hinder cooling efficiency.

Serving Chicago and Beyond

While we are proud to be a part of the Chicago community, our services extend to our neighbors in:

If you live in or around these areas, we’d love to help ensure your cooling system is running the way it should. If you see your engine’s temperature rising, call or stop by Andres Auto Service, where our team is ready and waiting to help you out.

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