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Chicago’s Go-To Shop for European Auto Key Fob Coding, Pairing, & Replacements

European cars are known for being on the cutting-edge with technology and the key & fob for your car are no exception. Sometimes the issue can be as simple as changing out an old battery but sometimes there are much deeper problems that can occur, meaning you need to replace or reprogram your key. Going directly to the dealerships can be costly but oftentimes, the dealerships are the only places with the proper equipment to program a new key fob. At Andres Auto Service, we’re proud to be the Chicago area’s top dealership alternative. We provide European auto owners with high-quality replacement keys & new key fob coding so you can get back on the road faster than ever.

High-Quality Service for Top Brands

At Andres Auto Service, we specialize in replacement keys & fobs for all models of:

Our shop uses the latest factory-grade equipment so programming & pairing your new key fob to your vehicle is a breeze. By keeping it in-house we keep turnaround times & prices down.

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Whether your current key fob is lost or broken or you just want to have a spare on hand, the team at Andres Auto Service has you covered. Conveniently located in Chicago, we also welcome in drivers from surrounding areas that include:

Please give us a call or drop by our shop today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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