Audi Advanced Driver Assistance System

Have you noticed some strange behavior in your Audi’s Advanced Driver Assistance system (ADAS)? Perhaps it is trying to speak to you. The ADAS is a complex system that is meant to improve safety on the road as well as the convenience of the user; however, due to its complexity, it needs to be checked regularly to function at its best. Here, we’ll start with the top signs that your Audi’s ADAS might be in need of maintenance and what you can do about it.

Ways to Tell If Your Audi’s ADAS System Requires Maintenance
  • Warning Lights: One of the most visible signs that your Audi’s ADAS may require some attention is the appearance of warning lights on the dashboard. The sensors and [...]

Lost Mercedes Car Key

You are living the worst nightmare of every luxury car owner. You’ve checked your pockets and gone through your purse. You left the windows cracked just enough that rain might get in and ruin your leather seats. But your keys are nowhere to be found! Have you lost your Mercedes car keys? Here’s what to do next.

1. Contact your local authorized Mercedes dealership

If you lose your Mercedes car keys, the first step is to call your local authorized Mercedes dealership. They can assist you in getting a replacement key fob and programming it for your car. The key fob and programming pricing may vary based on the year and model of your Mercedes car, so you may be unable to trust a price you [...]

A Volvo is considered one of the most reliable vehicles today. To maintain that reliability, Volvos requires regular maintenance. One area that should be inspected and replaced as needed is the timing belt.

At Andres Auto Service, we work with a variety of European-made vehicles, including Volvo. Our shop has more than 30 years of experience dealing with the nuances of specialty vehicles like Volvos.

In this blog, we’ll share general information on timing belts, signs that your belt is failing, and when to replace it.

Volvo Timing Belt Overview

A timing belt, or cambelt, on a Volvo, helps keep your engine running by maintaining the opening and closing of valves and the rising and falling of pistons as crankshaft and camshaft rotation is harmonized. When the timing belt [...]

Red Mercedes-Benz Car

Mercedes are a dynamic breed of automobile, requiring an experienced technician. When a repair is needed, working with someone who has worked with Mercedes in the past is helpful, especially because finding stock parts isn’t as easy as it is with domestic brands. This is where Andres Auto Service comes in.

One area of Mercedes that often requires maintenance is the guide rail. Also called the “timing chain guide rail,” it keeps the timing chain in the engine working properly by guiding it into cyclical momentum.

In this blog, we’ll look more closely at the symptoms of guide rail failure, what causes the failure, and how to get the repair you need.

Symptoms Of Guide Rail Failure

If the guide rail in your Mercedes is on [...]

MINI Faulty Fuel Gauge

There are few experiences in life more embarrassing than getting stuck somewhere between travel locations and running out of gas. If you’ve ever experienced this, hopefully you had a family member or close friend who could come and bring you fuel for your car. The situation can become dangerous when people abandon their vehicles and walk miles to get help. While it is easy for others to blame the carelessness of the driver in the situation, many times, the true culprit is a faulty fuel gauge. Here is how to deal with faulty fuel gauge in Mini Coopers.

Check with Your Mechanic

If you notice any inconsistencies or problems with the fuel gauge in your Mini Cooper, contact your local mechanic. That should always be [...]

Black Mercedes Benz Car

Mercedes-Benz has long been synonymous with luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. One of the standout features in many Mercedes models is the AirMatic suspension system. This advanced air suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable ride, adjusting the vehicle’s height and stiffness based on driving conditions.

However, like any complex system, the AirMatic system is susceptible to failure over time. Recognizing the signs of AirMatic system failure early on can save you from potential costly repairs and ensure a continued enjoyable driving experience.

Uneven Ride Height

One of the most noticeable signs of AirMatic system failure is an uneven ride height. If you observe that your Mercedes is sitting lower on one corner or side compared to the others, it could indicate a problem with [...]

Land Rover Engine Misfire

The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve is an essential component in Land Rover vehicles, playing a crucial role in controlling emissions and maintaining engine efficiency. However, like any other mechanical part, the PCV valve can develop issues over time. It’s important for Land Rover owners to recognize the signs of a malfunctioning PCV valve to ensure timely maintenance and prevent more significant engine problems. Here is a comprehensive list of signs indicating issues with your Land Rover’s PCV valve:

1. Check Engine Light Activation

The most common and often the first indicator of a PCV valve issue is the illumination of the check engine light on your dashboard.

  • Impact: This light is triggered by the vehicle’s onboard computer when it detects irregularities in the [...]

White Mini Cooper Car

The crankshaft seal in your Mini’s engine acts as a barrier to prevent oil from escaping and contaminating surrounding engine components. It is located between the engine and the transmission.

As the engine operates, the crankshaft rotates, and the seal ensures that oil, a critical lubricant, stays within its designated compartments. However, over time, various factors can compromise the integrity of the crank seal, leading to oil leaks that, if left unattended, can result in serious engine damage. Dealing with Mini’s crank seal oil leak problem requires careful attention and timely action as well as knowing the reasons it occurs.

Degradation of Parts

The crank seal is typically made of rubber or similar materials. Like any component in a vehicle, it undergoes wear and tear [...]

Volkswagen Engine Oil Leak

Volkswagen Engine Oil Leak

Your Volkswagen is a finely-tuned piece of engineering, known for its performance and reliability. However, like any other car, it’s not immune to issues, and one common problem many Volkswagen owners encounter is oil leaks. Identifying and addressing these leaks promptly is crucial to keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent any long-term damage. In this article, we’ll provide you with seven valuable tips to help you identify oil leaks from the engine of your Volkswagen.

1. Check Underneath Your Car

One of the simplest ways to spot an oil leak is to inspect the ground beneath your vehicle regularly. Park your Volkswagen on a clean, flat surface, such as your driveway or garage floor, and leave it there overnight. In the morning, examine the [...]

Porsche MAF Sensor

Porsche MAF Sensor

Ever wondered how a small sensor in your Porsche could make or break your driving experience? Meet the unsung hero: the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. The MAF sensor is an important component that measures how much air goes into the engine and ensures your engine gets the right amount of fuel for perfect performance.

How does the MAF sensor work?

When you press the gas pedal, your Porsche needs to take in air to burn fuel and generate power. The MAF sensor sits right in the path of the incoming air, kind of like a sensor at the entrance of a tunnel. As air flows through, the MAF sensor measures how much air is coming in. It then tells the car’s brain (the Engine Control [...]

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