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An oil change is a basic maintenance operation that involves replacing your car’s old engine oil with fresh oil. Regular oil changes are the most efficient method to maintain your car’s engine. Many drivers are confused when it comes to deciding the intervals between an oil change. Some use mileage to determine when to replace their oil. However, you must take note that there are several factors such as oil quality and driving style that may impact how frequently the oil should be changed. A good oil change entails not just removing and replacing the oil, but also using the factory-recommended oil for your vehicle. This will help the engine run more efficiently by lubricating every component as the manufacturer intended.

Andres Auto Service provides high-quality oil changes to automobile customers in Chicago, IL. We recognize that using the incorrect oil might harm or damage your vehicle’s engine. As a result, our team of professionals recommends the finest quality oil for car maintenance.

Brands We Service

We specialize in high-quality oil change services for all models of:

To get the most out of an oil change, the right tools and procedures must be employed. Our shop is well stocked with high-quality tools. We use special tools for each make and model during an oil change, and we also guarantee that your oil filters are changed to high-quality filters that can last longer and protect the engine from pollutants.

The Benefits of Annual Oil Changes

Missing your oil change appointments has a detrimental impact on the performance and general health of your car’s engine. The following are some of the benefits of having your oil changed on a regular basis:

  • Increased engine life
  • Enhanced engine performance
  • Emissions reductions
  • Improved fuel economy

The engine in your automobile is intended to give you the best performance possible, which is only possible if you maintain regular oil servicing. Our ASE-certified mechanics guarantee that oil changes are done correctly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits listed above.

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Andres Auto Service is located in Chicago and we are pleased to serve European car owners from surrounding areas including:

We take pleasure in offering drivers high-quality services at a reasonable price. Before you get back on the road, our professionals will examine your car and replenish other fluids that are low, all to assure your safety and the reliability of your vehicle.

Our skilled technicians are always on hand to assist you in making automotive maintenance as simple and effective as possible. If your vehicle’s oil needs to be changed, call us to book an appointment or stop by our shop.

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