How to Deal With a Faulty Fuel Gauge in Your Mini

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MINI Faulty Fuel Gauge

There are few experiences in life more embarrassing than getting stuck somewhere between travel locations and running out of gas. If you’ve ever experienced this, hopefully you had a family member or close friend who could come and bring you fuel for your car. The situation can become dangerous when people abandon their vehicles and walk miles to get help. While it is easy for others to blame the carelessness of the driver in the situation, many times, the true culprit is a faulty fuel gauge. Here is how to deal with faulty fuel gauge in Mini Coopers.

Check with Your Mechanic

If you notice any inconsistencies or problems with the fuel gauge in your Mini Cooper, contact your local mechanic. That should always be step one. Trying to diagnose or correct issues in your vehicle without the proper training and certification may cause you to lose your warranty.

Taking this work on yourself can also cause considerable damage to your car and put you in physical danger. It is always best to leave the professional work to the professionals. Once you establish contact with your local mechanic, use the following points in conversation as they work to address the issue of your fuel gauge.

Check the Voltage

First, they should check the voltage. Your mechanic will have a device to detect the current voltage that powers the fuel gauge. This tool can help determine if the electrical components of your Mini Cooper are a source of the problem. Since your whole vehicle runs directly or indirectly on electric power, you might suspect electrical issues to be more noticeable in places other than your fuel gauge. However, that is not always the case. If there is an issue with the voltage, the mechanic will proceed to the next test to find the source of the power issue.

Check the Wiring

One of the possible reasons for voltage issues in your fuel gauge is that there is a fault in the wiring. If your wiring has become corroded, dirty, or worn from wear and tear, anywhere from the fuel pump to the gauge, it can cause it to behave inconsistently. It may even stop functioning altogether. It is sometimes possible to clean the wiring, but that will not repair the wear and tear it has suffered. If there is an issue in the wiring of your Mini Cooper, it will likely need to be replaced.

Check the Fuses

If the wiring checks out but the voltage problem remains, you may have a problem with your fuses. Fuses often need to be replaced frequently, depending on your car type. They are a common culprit of fuel gauge failure. The fuses in your Mini Cooper help ensure power gets to your gauge, and if they are not working correctly, your fuel gauge will not do its job either. Your mechanic will likely check the fuses at the same time as they are checking wiring issues, especially since they are such a common source of the problem, and it may be helpful for you to keep records of the last time you replaced your fuses.

Calibrate the Gauge

One of the last things your mechanic will do once they resolve the power issues for your fuel gauge is to calibrate the gauge. To do that, they will connect the gauge to the fuel sensor and turn the power on the indicator. Next, they will put the gauge into a special calibration mode, usually done by holding the button for about 10 seconds. Finally, they will set the gauge into its manual calibration mode. They do this by pressing the button several times until it points to full. Finally, they will hold down the button for 2 seconds.

Mini Cooper Services at Andre’s Auto Service

If these steps do not fix the problems you are facing MINI Fuse Check with the faulty fuel gauge in your Mini Cooper, you may need to replace the gauge entirely. If you address the issue of a faulty fuel gauge as soon as you notice it, it will keep your Mini Cooper maintained and you and your family safe out on the road. It also keeps you from facing those embarrassing and dangerous moments when you run out of gas and are too far away to get fuel quickly.

If you are facing any issues with your Mini Cooper or have questions about your faulty fuel gauge, Andre’s Auto Service is here to assist you. We are located in Chicago, IL, and serve the surrounding area. You can expect quality service and thorough repairs as we care for your Mini Cooper and get you back to driving safely down the road.

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