What to Do if Your Mercedes’ Guide Rail Fails

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Mercedes are a dynamic breed of automobile, requiring an experienced technician. When a repair is needed, working with someone who has worked with Mercedes in the past is helpful, especially because finding stock parts isn’t as easy as it is with domestic brands. This is where Andres Auto Service comes in.

One area of Mercedes that often requires maintenance is the guide rail. Also called the “timing chain guide rail,” it keeps the timing chain in the engine working properly by guiding it into cyclical momentum.

In this blog, we’ll look more closely at the symptoms of guide rail failure, what causes the failure, and how to get the repair you need.

Symptoms Of Guide Rail Failure

If the guide rail in your Mercedes is on the way out, there will be signs. Some of the ways to tell it’s time to call a repair shop include:

  • Vibrating: If your vehicle is vibrating or shaking when you start it, it’s usually an engine problem.
  • Rattling: Along with the shaking, you may notice your Mercedes making clanking or rattling noises. This is likely caused by the shaking and faulty guide rail.
  • Running Rough: A Mercedes is a smooth ride, and any experienced driver can tell when something is off by how roughly it runs. If your engine is running rough, it could be a faulty guide rail.

If you notice any of these issues or your Mercedes’ check engine light is on, it’s time to call a professional.

Cause for a Failing Guide Rail

Knowing the symptoms is a good way to resolve guide rail issues early, but understanding the cause lets you be proactive in preventing future issues. Some of the reasons a guide rail might fail on a Mercedes are:

  • Excessive bumps and rough driving: Rough terrain or pot-hole-laden city streets can loosen the plastic guide rail in your Mercedes. It’s impossible to miss every bump in the road but drive carefully if you know of potholes or debris in your path.
  • Overheating: A hot engine can warp the plastic in the guide rail. Excessive overheating may eventually cause the plastic to break down altogether. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge in your Mercedes to avoid this.
  • Driving Fast: A Mercedes offers such a smooth ride that it’s tempting to go fast. However, high speeds cause the engine to overheat. As mentioned above, this overheating is dangerous for the guide rail and the timing belt.

A faulty guide rail might seem less problematic than one of your more expensive Mercedes parts failing. The issue arises when the failing guide rail begins impacting other areas of your vehicle.

Getting Service for a Failing Guide Rail

Getting maintenance for a guide rail is no problem for most auto shops. Getting maintenance for a Mercedes might be. The best person to handle your car is an auto technician with experience in European models. At Andres Auto Service, we work with brands including:

Our team of experienced mechanics can quickly and easily replace a guide rail. If you notice any signs that the guide rail or engine is having trouble in your Mercedes, take it to a shop as quickly as possible. The earlier a faulty guide rail is fixed, the less possible damage the rest of your vehicle encounters.

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