Your Answer to Land Rover Steering Shaft Failure in Chicago

Land Rover Steering Wheel Issue

Land Rovers have long been considered a top-of-the-line passenger vehicle, whether you are heading out for a cross country trip or taken them off-road. In recent years, steering shaft failures have been cropping up in older models of Land Rovers. In this article, we will help you understand what is going on with your steering shaft and how we can help you get it running right once again.

What is a Steering Shaft?

The steering shaft is the moving shaft that connects the steering wheel to the moving parts in the engine and undercarriage. A properly-working steering shaft is essential to guarantee that you have the best control over steering your Land Rover.

Problems With Steering Shafts

While there are plenty of small issues that may lead to steering shaft issues, we know that most failures occur as a result of problems with either the tilt or telescoping adjustments.  Any issues with either of these features may be an early warning sign that your steering shaft is beginning to fail. This could lead to a dangerous situation, so be weary of any of the following signs or symptoms.

Tilt Adjustment

The tilt adjustment allows for tilt of the steering wheel to meet the preferences of the driver of the vehicle. If you are the only one that drives your Land Rover, you may never use this feature beyond your initial set up, once you find the proper tilt to suit you.

However, a sure sign that steering shaft failure is becoming a problem is when a steering wheel tilt drops to the lowest setting on its own. The failure is most often observed when the tilt is in the highest or lowest setting, but issues may arise at any level.

Tilt adjustment signs of steering shaft failure include:

  • If you are suddenly unable to adjust the tilt, then it may be blocked.
  • Sudden tilt change without manual adjustment.
  • Tilt Failure: If you can move your tilt with no resistance or ability to engage and maintain any tilt height.

If you have experienced any of these issues, you should get your Land Rover serviced as soon as possible. This issue will only get worse until complete steering shaft failure occurs.

Telescoping Adjustment

The telescoping adjustment is another feature that many people forget about if they are the only driver of their Land Rover. The telescoping adjustment allows the steering wheel to be moved closer to the dashboard or closer to the driver, depending on personal preference and comfort.

Some of the issues you may notice with telescoping problems include:

  • Harder to adjust
  • Sticking or jamming
  • An audible noise when moving from one position to another, often a squeaking sound

If you happen to be one of those drivers that rarely or never make adjustments to either the tilt or telescoping settings of your Land Rover, instead, you may notice that your steering wheel is not responding in the same smooth manner as before.  While there are other issues that can affect how your steering responds, a complete check of your steering system will include these issues and a full check of the steering shaft.


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