When Should You Replace a Volvo’s Timing Belt?

A Volvo is considered one of the most reliable vehicles today. To maintain that reliability, Volvos requires regular maintenance. One area that should be inspected and replaced as needed is the timing belt.

At Andres Auto Service, we work with a variety of European-made vehicles, including Volvo. Our shop has more than 30 years of experience dealing with the nuances of specialty vehicles like Volvos.

In this blog, we’ll share general information on timing belts, signs that your belt is failing, and when to replace it.

Volvo Timing Belt Overview

A timing belt, or cambelt, on a Volvo, helps keep your engine running by maintaining the opening and closing of valves and the rising and falling of pistons as crankshaft and camshaft rotation is harmonized. When the timing [...]

Red Mercedes-Benz Car

Mercedes are a dynamic breed of automobile, requiring an experienced technician. When a repair is needed, working with someone who has worked with Mercedes in the past is helpful, especially because finding stock parts isn’t as easy as it is with domestic brands. This is where Andres Auto Service comes in.

One area of Mercedes that often requires maintenance is the guide rail. Also called the “timing chain guide rail,” it keeps the timing chain in the engine working properly by guiding it into cyclical momentum.

In this blog, we’ll look more closely at the symptoms of guide rail failure, what causes the failure, and how to get the repair you need.

Symptoms Of Guide Rail Failure

If the guide rail in your Mercedes is on the [...]

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