Top Signs Your Chicago-area Audi Needs ADAS Maintenance

Audi Advanced Driver Assistance System

Have you noticed some strange behavior in your Audi’s Advanced Driver Assistance system (ADAS)? Perhaps it is trying to speak to you. The ADAS is a complex system that is meant to improve safety on the road as well as the convenience of the user; however, due to its complexity, it needs to be checked regularly to function at its best. Here, we’ll start with the top signs that your Audi’s ADAS might be in need of maintenance and what you can do about it.

Ways to Tell If Your Audi’s ADAS System Requires Maintenance

  • Warning Lights: One of the most visible signs that your Audi’s ADAS may require some attention is the appearance of warning lights on the dashboard. The sensors and cameras that are part of the advanced driver assistance system are responsible for the lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance systems that are currently operating in Audi vehicles. If the system finds any faults or malfunctions, the light on the dashboard will be automatically triggered as a warning to alert you of the problem. If you have your Audi checked by a professional technician as soon as the warning lights come on, you will reduce the risk of bigger problems.
  • Inconsistent or Unreliable Performance: Another sign that your Audi’s ADAS system might require maintenance is when you notice that the system’s performance is not always stable or reliable. For example, if the adaptive cruise control system does not maintain a constant speed or distance from other vehicles or the lane departure warning system does not provide correct alerts when the driver leaves the lane, it might be because of the sensors or the calibration of the ADAS system. In this particular case, it would be wise to get your Audi looked over by a professional to pinpoint and fix the problem.
  • Unexplained System Errors: Sometimes, you will encounter strange errors and bugs in your Audi’s driver assist system that cannot be attributed to weather or road debris. Such errors could result in system shutdowns or even erratic feature behavior from the ADAS. Do not forget to visit an expert as soon as you notice any strange errors and glitches in your Audi with the ADAS system. This will help to find the reason for the malfunction and to avoid further issues.

What You Should Do When You See These Signs

  • Address Warning Lights: If the ADAS warning lights or messages pop on the dashboard, you shouldn’t take them lightly. Ensure your Audi receives a detailed inspection by a qualified technician who can determine and correct any issues you may be facing promptly.
  • Keep Sensors Clean: ADAS features are mainly centered around the use of sensors, cameras, and radars for the purpose of perceiving the environment of the vehicle. Make it a routine to keep these sensors clean by removing dirt, debris, and road grime that might interfere with their operation.
  • Safe Driving Practices: Do not perform driving maneuvers like hard braking, cornering and fast accelerating that will overload the ADAS system. Be a courteous driver and respect all traffic regulations to avoid system disruptions.
  • Update Software: When you are using Audi software, please make sure that it is upgraded to the latest version with all the updates and fixes. The feature updates can be done to either give a new feature or improve the performance of the ADAS system and also to fix any bugs.
  • Regular Maintenance: Make sure to keep your Audi in proper condition by taking it for regular maintenance at an authorized technician or Audi dealership. In these appointments, the ADAS system may be checked, calibrated, and updated as needed in order to guarantee that it is working correctly.

Talk To The Audi Experts At Andre’s Auto Service

When it comes to solving problems with ADAS systems or any other car-related issues for your Audi in the Chicago, IL area, Andre’s Auto Service is ready to lend a helping hand. Our professionals with a high level of training are ready to deal with any issue you may have, and they do it with great care and attention to your car.

Whether it is regular maintenance, diagnostics, or repairs, you can rest assured that we are your go-to company for dependable and fast service. Our garage is furnished to cater to the ADAS system issues in Audi and other European car brands, so you can rely on us to keep your car running smoothly and safely on the road. Don’t allow a small problem to turn into a big one, schedule an appointment with us now.

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