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Audi Advanced Driver Assistance System

Have you noticed some strange behavior in your Audi’s Advanced Driver Assistance system (ADAS)? Perhaps it is trying to speak to you. The ADAS is a complex system that is meant to improve safety on the road as well as the convenience of the user; however, due to its complexity, it needs to be checked regularly to function at its best. Here, we’ll start with the top signs that your Audi’s ADAS might be in need of maintenance and what you can do about it.

Ways to Tell If Your Audi’s ADAS System Requires Maintenance
  • Warning Lights: One of the most visible signs that your Audi’s ADAS may require some attention is the appearance of warning lights on the dashboard. The sensors and [...]

BMW Car In Summer

If you own a BMW, you want to be sure that your SUV, sedan, or coupe continues to perform optimally for many years. There is no doubt that these BMWs are designed with precision instrumentation, high-performance engines, and incredible power to ensure they stand the test of time. However, without strict adherence to the maintenance culture, your BMW might not meet up to expectations. We recommend the following maintenance tips for BMWs for an outstanding driving experience.

You Should Routinely Inspect the Brake System

It is not only for performance reasons that you should make sure your BMW brakes are in good working order. In many cases, your brakes stop you from being involved in a catastrophic accident. You must perform regular brake checks to ensure [...]

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