Your Answer to Land Rover Steering Shaft Failure in Chicago

Land Rover Steering Wheel Issue

Land Rovers have long been considered a top-of-the-line passenger vehicle, whether you are heading out for a cross country trip or taken them off-road. In recent years, steering shaft failures have been cropping up in older models of Land Rovers. In this article, we will help you understand what is going on with your steering shaft and how we can help you get it running right once again.

What is a Steering Shaft?

The steering shaft is the moving shaft that connects the steering wheel to the moving parts in the engine and undercarriage. A properly-working steering shaft is essential to guarantee that you have the best control over steering your Land Rover.

Problems With Steering Shafts

While there are plenty of small issues [...]

Jaguar Turning Difficulty

Jaguar is a luxurious car company that is known for its quality and performance. Its differential is one of the main components that helps the vehicle turn corners. Each wheel on the Jaguar has its own differential which allows each wheel to rotate at a different speed. This is especially important when the Jaguar is turning, because it allows the wheels on the outside of the corner to rotate differently than the inside wheels without skidding.

The differential has three main parts: the ring gear, the pinion gear, and the spider gears. The ring gear is attached to the Jaguar’s drive shaft and turns with it. The pinion gear is connected to the Jaguar’s driveshaft and meshes with the teeth on the ring gear. The spider gears [...]

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