Top Signs Your Chicago-area Audi Needs ADAS Maintenance

Audi Advanced Driver Assistance System

Have you noticed some strange behavior in your Audi’s Advanced Driver Assistance system (ADAS)? Perhaps it is trying to speak to you. The ADAS is a complex system that is meant to improve safety on the road as well as the convenience of the user; however, due to its complexity, it needs to be checked regularly to function at its best. Here, we’ll start with the top signs that your Audi’s ADAS might be in need of maintenance and what you can do about it.

Ways to Tell If Your Audi’s ADAS System Requires Maintenance
  • Warning Lights: One of the most visible signs that your Audi’s ADAS may require some attention is the appearance of warning lights on the dashboard. The sensors and [...]

Lost Mercedes Car Key

You are living the worst nightmare of every luxury car owner. You’ve checked your pockets and gone through your purse. You left the windows cracked just enough that rain might get in and ruin your leather seats. But your keys are nowhere to be found! Have you lost your Mercedes car keys? Here’s what to do next.

1. Contact your local authorized Mercedes dealership

If you lose your Mercedes car keys, the first step is to call your local authorized Mercedes dealership. They can assist you in getting a replacement key fob and programming it for your car. The key fob and programming pricing may vary based on the year and model of your Mercedes car, so you may be unable to trust a price you [...]

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